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Hey guys

the idea of this competition is to create sets for a hero defined by voting in a friendly ambient

that way we can bump items to a hero that is needing it and help each other to get the best of its capabilities

its open for everything possible on the dota workshop, like set items, wards and couriers. It just should follow the voting

there is no prize, is just and excuse to keep everyone motivated =]

the winners on each category will be selected by public pool after the deadline

CATEGORIES (sorry we decided on the post but i forget to change here)

-solo item (dont need to be part of a set)
-newcomer item


1 - open for teams of any size
2 - open for sets, solo itens, couriers, ward and annoucers!? =]
3 - everyone should keep posting feedback on other works


voting - at least a day so every timezone could vote on it

final submitions - february 28 (as we are doing it for the first time we will have a little more time, the next ones will be a month for each hero)

the heroes to be voted are the newest added on the workshop

-keeper of the light
-shadow demon

the voting for february is here

reddit post about it

Winning hero MIRANA


3d visualizer of the model

the link is from the site http://planetdota.com/new.html

Concept sheet


Logo for a fancy presentation

suggestions from Brandon Reinhart

Wow, that's really awesome. Please keep us at Valve informed so we can help draw attention to the winners, progress threads, etc.
Some advice:
Try to give some attention to heroes that are under-served so far (in terms of amount of content).
The success of sets tracks well with the popularity of the hero. (Although popularity can vary between updates and as Icefrog changes balance.)
Look for heroes that the community seems to have trouble creating content for. Good work can really open up the design landscape and help people think about the dynamic range of potential designs.
Don't forget about single items (instead of full sets). Many of the most popular items in the game are single items. Mounts and weapons make good candidates for this, but it varies by hero.
Mix up these approaches. So maybe one month you do a popular hero and another month you do a hero that has few items.




Nightsilver Sentinel by Anuxi

Blessings of the Lunar Dragon by Bronto Thunder

Solo item

MoonLight Observer By beetrootChan and Vlad

SnOwl courier by T_Vidotto

Valron, the frost guardian mount by Paskie


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