3D hand painted model from concept of Monster Life

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FemCharles greentooth

This is my first time posting work on Polycount. Now i have joined i plan on posting everything i work on to gather feedback,crit and learn new techniques which will hopefully make me a better artist!

I came across this concept from Monster Life by Veronique Meignaud. Website is here: http://www.v-meignaud.com

I just really loved this piece and wanted to make a 3D version. Project in total took around about 4 days work. All my textures are hand painted. This is a screen grab from Max. Model is just using diffuse texture and is vertex coloured.

Any feedback is welcome!


  • circle of friends
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    circle of friends polycounter lvl 8
    Very nice so far, you've captured it pretty well. I few things I'd change though if you want to match the concept a little better are:

    Lighten up your shadows, the concept's shadows are really not all that dark. Also if you look at the wood behind the bench at the front it's lighter like it has dust or is fading in from the paint rather than being metal and then dark.

    Make the roof a bit more uneven.

    Make the soupy liquid more dynamic. I like that you've put in a splash behind the chopsticks but I think you could make it more like it's flying out the bowl. Don't be afraid to use a bit of alpha as it looks like it has it at the back.

    Take some colour out of the grass underneath the hut. Your's looks like its sitting on top of it a bit unnaturally because its the same uniform grass where as on the concept its more muddied and possibly a bit darker so it sits well.

    These are all quite minor crits though, nice job
  • FemCharles
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    FemCharles greentooth
    Yeah i agree with all those points!
    I will actually go back and rework all the things youve mentioned. I think it will make quite a difference! Especially with the ground work. Its the part i am the least happiest with! Thanks for the feedback!
  • Blaisoid
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    Blaisoid polycounter lvl 6
    it looks spot on for the most part, but if it's supposed to be realtime 3d it's really unoptimized.

    there's plenty of tiny chamfers that aren't even visible without wires, you have planks modeled as separate meshes while they look exactly like a flat polygon from this distance, and floor tiles are models while they are so flat that there would be no quality loss at all if you just painted them on the texture.
  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    What blaisoid pretty much said, don't need to chamfer the edges and cuts in the wood should be textured in.

    Really like the lighting in the concept if you could touch on that & if you continue to play with it as I am really liking the wood highlights if you could translate them from the concept to your model it would really make this pop. On the concept it looks like it's coming from the upper, center/right region. (I could be wrong :) ) Pretty much look at the bowl's rim on concept then your bowl rim.

    Hopefully you are using this piece to learn techniques rather than just a piece for the portfolio (learning the processes first is most important over getting piece on the portfolio, I think anyway).
    learn new techniques.
    Which you've already clearly stated for us. :)
  • FemCharles
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    FemCharles greentooth
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I started modelling this in mind to be higher poly than what i would do for in game. Just a little fun project really. It can actually be easily optimised for in game.

    In the previous released games i worked on the company was big on chamfering everything, its stuck with me! haha.

    The wood around the base and sides are a just a plane cut up into wood sections with a bevel to represent each plank. I did this originally so save on texture space by having 3 different planks on the texture sheet that i could just uv to any section. Looking back now i would do it as a strip so it could just go straight onto a plane.

    The floor is on the same texture sheet as the stones so its just as a case of deleting the stones. You are right from this distance it makes no difference at all. This is pretty much the high poly version which could easily be cut down for low poly. I shall do a comparison shot tomorrow! Maybe also throw a few texture sheets up!

    Will look at trying to match the lighting closer to the concept! Im mostly lighting by vertex colour which is a pain if you don't have enough polys, you can only do so much!

    Thanks guys this all really helps!
  • FemCharles
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    FemCharles greentooth
    ok iv made some changes on the feedback iv been given. Hopefully this is better.

    I have also done a comparison shot of high and low poly. :D
  • nhatnhym
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