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After thinking a few days about this I decided to go with another submission.
I already have the knowledge and wisdom from the first submission (Order of the Caretos set) so this should be much easier.

I also need to let Anuxinamoon know that he is not the only that can do multiple submissions :p hehehe... who am I kidding, 5 submissions already?...

First of all Brewmaster is the character I am familiar with so another set is easier to do than to go to another character.
Secondly, there aren't that many Brewmaster submissions, well, there are threads but only one or two are really updating with materials.
Third, I had an idea I liked to see in the game.

The Brass City of Veelavee set (temp. name)

wol_error.gifThis image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1300x538.brewmaster_testes.jpg

Items are mostly brass wood and leather
Back - The Portable Brewery
Weapon -
Brass Pipe Wrench
Off hand -
Brass Keg
Shoulders -
Leather Harness + Hat (formerly wool cap)
Arms -
Leather Bracers (formerly gloves)

Brass Keg
The Brass Keg is just like a normal keg instead it is made of brass instead of wood. A gift to Mangix from the Mayor of the Brass City of Veelavee for helping them in the fight against the enemy.

The Portable Brewery
Built by the Master Brass Builders of Veelavee, the Portable Brewery is a complex piece of engineering. It works just like a normal brewery would except that Mangix can carry it everywhere.

Brass Pipe Wrench
The Brass Pipe Wrench was a gift to Mangix from the Mayor of the Brass City of Veelavee for helping them in the fight against the enemy. Although best used in pipes and for tuning up the inner workings of a brewery, the Brewmaster prefers to lay down its weight in the heads of his opponents.
Leather Harness + Hat
Although there is no slot for the head on Brewmaster, this shoulder item includes both a leather harness and a hat. The Leather Harness holds the Portable Brewery and the Hat is just for style, well... some might say that little hats on animals can't exactly be called stylish. Except with Brewmaster anything he wears becomes the standard for others to follow so...
Leather Bracers
A pair of leather bracers for extra grip.

Idea and concept
It is cool to think that Brewmaster is this great master of brew but actually he is on the road often and if I would have to guess, he must stop lots of times to refill his keg. So why not have a portable brewery instead? This way he can make his own brew whenever he needs more.

Story (wip)
Mangix finally reached one of the greatest cities ever built, the Brass City of Veelavee only to find it in war against their enemies. He helped the citizens in vanquishing their enemies.
For his heroic deeds the master brass builders built him a portable brewery.

I will be posting more pics of decisions I have to make because I haven't locked down the items yet.

P.S. Filipe Andrade is not participating on this one with me.


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