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Hi polycount, this is a WIP and preview thread for a group that I am leading in school for an environment task.

I am in a class in my last year of high-school i guess (Swedish system).Our class have gotten an assignment were the class is divided in to three groups. Each group is assigned an environment. After a certain time of weeks we hand over our environment to the next group and take over. This means that each group work on each environment, and that the environment you started is not the one you finish.
The time were we are working on a certain environment I call a timespan. The first timespan we model and plan. Second timespan we UV and texture. Third timespan we put it all together and put it in to UDK.

We also have to make a thread here and update it regularly.

The environments are the following:







My groups first timespan we will work on the realistic environment. We will model it and make all the props needed. The next group will texture and unwrap our work. So when I write goodbye, I will move on to one of the other groups threads (I will get to texture the fantasy part and put together the Sci-Fi).

Quick concept of the idea


More will come of what we will do and progress and WIPs.

So critiques and comments when we post something to critique. But until then, comments are free to drop :poly121:


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