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Welcome to CeleryLand!

Hello PolyCounters,

After teaching classes for the last few years I realized that a lot of students still have difficulty connecting the dots when it comes to making a complete environment. For instance they might understand individual lessons like baking normal maps, creating materials, modeling, etc but they don’t feel confident enough to tackle a full environment.

Wtf is Celeryland?!!

To help make the whole process more transparent I decided to develop a curriculum that revolves around a single environment tentatively titled “Celeryland”. Some of the over-arching goals with this project are:

1. record high quality video tutorials that cover the core aspects of the video-game art pipeline. Eventually it will include concepting, character and vehicle creation, and animation.

2. Genre variety, so that students interested in sci-fi, fantasy, and realism can all benefit from the lessons.

3. Micro to macro attention to detail. The environment should look equally good from far away vistas and a close up blade of grass.

4. Next gen standards and techniques: we want these lessons to hold up throughout this next generation of consoles so the polycounts and texture resolutions will be authored with that in mind.

5. make something that looks good ... crap I just jinxed it :)

Polycount has been such an important resource for game artists so I wanted to post some of the wip shots here and share some of our tutorials as well.

I’d also like to thank Danny Weinbaum ( http://artofdanny.blogspot.com) and Ned Gasorntip
( http://thanet-art.com/ ) for their help on creating assets and tutorials for this project and I'll be sure to credit their work as it's posted.

Here is some of the reference Danny and I gathered at the beginning. Check out out-doorphotos for some beautiful landscape ref. Most of these shots were from there. The most important thing to look for is that gut reaction... if you stop in your tracks when you look at a certain image then ask yourself what makes it so impressive then try and translate those into your scene.


Next, I took the ref sheet and starting painting a general landscape that would give me something to work from. I used some of the photos for texture and even pasted the ravine directly into the concept.


After seeing some of Choco's amazing terrain tests I decided to start messing around with World Machine. This whole workflow is so much better than the old mash potato terrain that I worked with on GuildWars 2. Thanks for sharing Choco :)


started to r&d ways to do overhang props so that they match some of the concept features



I did a slight paintover on the top to help figure out the best way to blend these with the terrain. As I mentioned before in the GuildWars thread http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=105551, going back and forth from concept to production ends up being a very valuable workflow.


Danny added a sky-box that he created which I'll upload a tutorial for soon. He went out on one of the Seattle Ferries to take an unobstructed view of the Puget Sound and turned it into a sky-box.


closer view of the mountain along with some added decals for the snow.


I'll try and update this as regularly as possible. I have a bunch more wip images I need to go through now :o


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