New Approach to Handpainted Environments

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Hey Guys, for the last 3 weekends I have been working on an idea I had for a while, and that is painting an environment entirely by hand on one big texture.

These first tests are proving to work out and I'm now determined to do a little more with it in the form of a little top-down environment with characters and the like running in an engine as some kind of vertical slice for the artstyle of a game.

I'm trying to capture a look for the project that makes the player feel like he's walking around in a painting. The painting style I'm leaning towards has been inspired by Bastion though I wanted to make it a bit more readable. Next to that I'm trying to capture a bit of a pixelart look but instead of using actual unfiltered pixels I'm painting squares by hand.

Today I wanted to polish an area to see the final result I am aiming for and here is a shot of that part from multiple angles:


For the painting and projecting I am using Mudbox and Photoshop, Photshop mostly for the initial projection paintings and mudbox for the cleanup.

I am painting at double the resolution I'm aiming for which is currently 7 2048x2048 textures. The UV's of the indivual pieces are correctly mapped but the layout is very loose so in the end I'll probably end up with something like 5 1024x1024 textures for the same area hopefully. I know this approach will result in a lot of textures so I'm keeping the polycount low and will be using the most basic shaders there are.

The project will be a lot of work because you're basically painting multiple paintings in order to get something working in 3d and there is a limited amount of reuse of assets although I'm thinking of ways to speed up the workflow and reuse.

Here is another shot I posted 2 weeks ago of some grasslands that may appear somewhere in the little realm:


Im only able to paint in the weekends so the project will probably take a while but I'm looking forward to the end result=)

Feel free to ask questions about the workflow


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