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Hey guys... I'm making an iphone game. I've never coded before so so far it has been an interesting experience. But i have planets, and orbits and control of a little ship so far so im managing it.

The first image i made before i started anything else and the goal was just to get a rough feel of what the game could look like. The parts below is a better indicator on what i'm making though.

The idea is kinda kerbal space program in 2d, but with an emphasis on running a profitable rocket company, plus there will be a bunch of other changes (its going to be a lot more arcadey whereas ksp's focus is on fun simulation). So the idea is that you are launching satellites into orbit for profit to fund bigger and better missions. There will be a moon to get to as well as other stuff much father off.

In the next week i'm hoping to finish off most of the graphics in the game so i can focus on the coding as that will be 90% of the work in the project.

Also the name isnt final.



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