Maya 2013 Help: Transparency

I just picked up Maya 2013 a few days ago, and I'm new to any Animation Software (other than Ae). Is there any way I can make a model with no transparency, but still it's transparant? (If that makes any sense) I am trying to make a skeleton, but I need its ribcage to be transparent. I made textures through Ps, and applied them. The textures are fine, but I see other parts of the model through its self. (example: If I'm looking from it diagonally between the front and right view, I see the roots of the legs, and the left arm through the ribcage.(The whole left arm)) I'm not in X-ray mode. The transparency setting is set to the texture, so I can't control anything there. I would greatly appreciate it if this was able to be answered (you guys can probably answer this in your sleep, because most of the people on this forum are like Maya wizards.)

:) Thank you,


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