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Hello. I've never posted any WIP's or anything on this forum before but of the few that I browse I've seen the best criticisms come from the community here, so I thought I'd post some screenshots of my progress on an art pass for my Source mod, Pipe Dream.

Pipe Dream is a puzzle mod using a chamber based map system (Similar to Portal) but instead of being based on Portals it's based on pipes and liquids. The color of the pipes corresponds to the material and gameplay mechanic it's used for. For example, Blue pipes emit water which floods chambers and raises light crates. Yellow pipes emit steam which can be used to boost you over a gap or catapult you up to a higher area faster than a ladder. Similar gameplay mechanics such as Portal style crates and buttons are used to solve the puzzles along with some new mechanics I'm not ready to reveal yet.

Anyway I've done a few gameplay tests and the puzzles were turning out well so I decided I'd get the art pass out of the way so I can focus on puzzles for the next few months.

Here are the latest screenshots I've taken.



Here are some older tests in the same Chamber.



Please ignore the Portal models as they'll be replaced with new models later.

I really need some help coming up with ways to spice up the ceiling and maybe the walls a bit more. I was thinking of adding some large vent/fan openings in the ceiling with a very thin mist coming out.

I also really need some help nailing down a lighting system and tweaking the color correction. I liked the color correction with more of a blue tint but people at another forum I've posted these on didn't like it too much. If you have any other good ideas to make it more interesting I'm willing to try them out.



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