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Man... cheesy ass name, I apologies in advance.

Anywho, since I'm in my final semester of College, we're working on a "final project" for our portfolios... and this is what I've been crackin on for a couple weeks now.


I'll post up concept work / some of the models I've done so far. Basically what I've done was created a fast blockout, and replace blockout models with "finished" pieces when I can.

Still designing some key areas, and any crits would be much appreciated.

I've been heavily inspired by the awesomeness that is Darksiders, so picture that kinda style... but not nearly as good, and you'll have an idea of where I'm heading with this :P

Oh, and I've been following Adam's awesome thread - and would love to dive deep like that into the development process of this environment, but he's the king at that kinda stuff so mine probably won't be nearly as in-depth as his.


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