jbUDK Tools -- UDK tools script for Maya

Hello everyone. I've had this UDK Tools script around for awile now and recently polished it up into a Python version that I believe to be a more useful tool. It's free.

  • Ability to quickly switch between the UDK grid and the default Maya grid
  • Custom grid division settings
  • Transform tools for positioning meshes and/or pivots in level designer friendly locations
  • Quickly create useful references
  • A Unreal Unit/standard unit real-time float field calculator
  • Batch Exporter that uses an FBX preset file and can automatically position your mesh for export, then place it back to its original location in your scene.

Additions to version 1.1 based on user feedback (see help file for full details):
* Automatically loads FBX export preset file when the script is run
* Basic UI coloring for clarity
* Object/pivot transform now separate tools
* Auto load of custom references with buttons for each
* Batch export prefix/suffix option
* Stacking transform tool

Bug Fix: Float and int fields can now be updated with either the regular or num-pad enter keys

Feature: Added option in the 'Settings' dropdown to keep custom grid color settings or use jbUDK Tools grid color settings

Update: UI now works with Maya 2013.

Update: Updated for Maya 2014

Latest version (1.30) can be downloaded here
Help file is here


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