i'm new. and i made this thing.

Hi everybody! So I've never posted on here but i lurk constantly. CONSTANTLY.

anyways, I'm a student at BYU, just started my (hopefully) last year of school in september, and I'm working on portfolio pieces when i can.

So I still need to change some things on this guy, but I figured I'd post him up. He's (very very roughly) based on a boss from Everquest-- Lord Inquisitor Seru. I guess it's my idea of what he would look like many years after EQ1. Obviously inspired by WoW, too. I'll try to find the sketches I did of him and get them up here, too.

he was really fun to make, i painted everything in 3Dcoat, with a little bit of work in photoshop. modeled in maya.




I can't figure out how to embed vimeo videos on here, but here's a link to a quick turnaround: http://vimeo.com/16625766

right now this is all straight diffuse maps.

oh I almost forgot, check out my blog if you get bored :)



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