Personal Environment (Bunker)

Hey guys, I began working on a new environment based on Arsenixc Bunker Concept. You probably recognize it, as it has been done by many people before.

My challenge for this project is to actually finish it... You may think that's obvious, but I have an issue with finishing the last 50-25% of a project! Anyway, other than finishing it  :D I will be focusing on:

High Poly - Low Poly workflow
High quality lighting
Photo-realistic textures

My main tools I will be using: Unreal 4 | Maya | Marvelous Designer | Substance Designer/Painter

Finally, what you're here for... My progress thus far.

Any comments / suggestions / critiques / concerns are always welcome and I will be giving updates weekly!


  • Gail_Blitzy
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    Gail_Blitzy polycounter lvl 5
    Looking Good! You've defiantly got the primary shapes roughed in.

    It's certainly a skill to be able to actually finish a project, I have a problem with that myself :P Looking forward to seeing more updates
  • Optimistic_Monkey
    Trying to get all of the modeling done and out of the way before I put a single texture in the scene. I have completed the bunk beds, and the lockers, and got my wire mesh splines working in engine. I also switched to dynamic lighting because of some static baking issues. By doing this I am able to use ray traced shadows, which look wonderful!

  • Optimistic_Monkey
    More progress on the light models, fire extinguisher, lockers, and shelves. I'll post individual shots of these assets as they get textured! Still tweaking lighting as I go, and there are some issues with my light maps I'm trying to work out (especially the locker doors). I'm also experimenting with LPV for the first time! As always if you have any questions, don't hesitate!

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