Orloth - Final Major Project

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JLHGameArt greentooth
Greetings Polycount!

@almighty_gir @TudorMorris and myself have started our final project for our Hertfordshire uni MA.
We are also being assisted by the almighty @Kashaar who has made some kick ass blueprints for me to aid in the quick construction of the city using my modular assets.

We're just in the RnD stage right now but I thought I'd get a thread going, we'll be working on this actively until the end of August.

almighty_gir got me and Tudor on board for this project months ago.

I've been putting together a block out, trim sheets, base textures, and the foundations for the asset pack in the last few weeks. Everything is currently just base textures and a lot of placeholder stuff, but I've put some time in to a small part of the playable area just to test our materials so far, building tests and lighting.
Gir has put together our materials and he's now working on the start of the dragon.
Tudor is roughing out concepts for the whole project.

I'll let the others post their work here, but here's mine so far.
We've got a story about this place, but I'll let @almighty_gir fill you in because this is his baby ;)

Any advice or critique moving forward will be hugely appreciated, and of course if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

I can safely say...wish us luck.


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