[UE4] Ancient Overgrown Museum WIP

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"A museum that once was meant to preserve environments and nature now is enveloped by that which it once protected."

Still a lot to do here, but figured I'm at a point where having some other eyes would be helpful.

There is going to be environments inside some of the exhibits that are essentially "Portals " to different biomes.

Feedback and Critiques would greatly help me keep pushing this along. 

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References / Inspiration:

Was very inspired by Andres Rogriguez/ Reuben Shah and the texturing and foliage artists at Naughty Dog.

Also was inspired by some of the ICO concept art I found. I wanted to make a Museum that had an interesting architectural design, with overgrown elements. This museum would be an arborium for the preservation of the environment through portal like technology.

The museum would serve as an example that nature can outlive and survive past mankind and their conventions.

 I used the Museum of Natural History in UK as an example for the design. 




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