SCS-8 "Arm Knight" 12 Guage Shotgun

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Now, I'm not usually a fan of weapons, I really find them to be a boring topic in terms of portfolio, they're fun to make, sure, but they're relatively saturated and overdone. I've made a few recently for some other project but I never wanted to do a proper one, so I thought I might as well do it well & do it once.

I saw this concept by Alexander Kriegerman while looking for some Deus Ex inspired weapons and came across that image.
Reference for this project:
Robo Recall
Elvis Posa - Super Shorty
Erik Rading - Super Shorty
Ognyan Zahariev - Dragon Slayer
Bruce Bailey - CQB Shotgun (it's another super shorty lmao)
And basically anything by Tim Bergholz 

I'd love to get it working in VR too.

Old HP renders:

Highpoly 1
Highpoly 2

And the lowpoly.

Now onto the fun texturing bit.


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