[UE4] WIP - Star Citizen Corridor Environment

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Hi guys,
I am working on a Star Citizen style corridor for study and portfolio work. Now what I am trying to do is how artists over there do their environments and piece together all of it to recreate one done by Matthew Trevelyan Johns. By turning this into a learning experience, I might learn a thing or two. So I am going to model this out in 3DSMax, I'll try use some other package for UVing as I hate UVing in Max and use Quixel and Substance Painter for texturing. I will use Quixel's nDo for the normal map decals to avoid un-necessary geometry and then finally add all of it into Unreal Engine 4.

Critiques welcome!

My first step was exporting the character from UE4 for scaling the environment in Max and block it out.


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