Ascalon: Guild Wars in UE4

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Hi guys,

I'm starting a new project, it has been too long since I last did a proper scene!
I'm recreating one of the most iconic scene of my personal video game experience, Pre-searing Ascalon in Guild Wars. I played this game for about 9 years straight, and really wanted to give it a go! It will only be a one month project, for personal reasons I won't be able to continue this in November, it feels like a monthly noob challenge!
This is a screenshot from the game :

This is what I've done so far, I'm currently focusing on the terrain. Everything but the backround blockout is the terrain, using one material with 4 textures blending.

I'm using textures I made using photogrammetry, I already created a thread for them so I'm not going to explain that here.

I know the project is still an early draft, but I'd appreciate any feedback, it's always easier to make changes whilst everything can be changed quickly!



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