I fail copying this Tutorial-Material-Network and getting the same results

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Hi Friends!

I'm trying to copy this simple material network but I'm just not able to get the same results as this guy here in this video: 

BEFORE YOU ASK: This guy refuses to help by disabling the comment function below the video and having t his in its about: 

 If any of this is useful to you then great however I dont respond to comments or offer help.

Here you can see, that he uses pretty simple cloud textures and by adding them, he get's this pretty strong contrast between black/white in his material (the left connection only direct to texture-panners).

My first problem is, that when I make such a texture like he explains () and add them, it looks like this (texture has SRGB set to true, if it's set to false, it's even brighter):

But it get's more weird. He then previews the 2nd ADD-Node and adds 0.5 which SHOULD make everything brighter (like I would expect it from ADD) but in his case the blacks stay black:

In my case it now looks like that:

The only way I could copy this effect was to extremely increase the contrast of the cloud textures and use MULTIPLY instead of ADD:

But even then: When I lader ADD 0.5 i get brightness everywhere and nothing stays black like in his example:

Does anyone has an Idea?  Do I miss a setting somewhere?


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