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Jakub greentooth

After two years of studying art, watching tutorials and working my ass off, I want to finally open my own webpage and start trying to land some job.

I am working on my "opening" piece for portfolio right now and considering that there is a lot "first" in here, I'd appreciate help and some feedback during the process.

I am aiming for The Last of Us look of it, a guy with dirty clothing etc. :)

This is my HP so far, I'd call the shape of the face finished, I don't want to go into detailing it, before I finish the clothing.

Base of the clothes was done in Marvelous Designer, I only started to detail pants so far.


Face topology:


Any suggestions are welcome!


  • Tectonic
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    Tectonic polycounter lvl 5
    the topology on your head looks a little wrong as far as edge flow around the jaw, and I think if you have a few too many loops around the eyes and lips, but not enough geometry on the tip of your nose (the silhouette of the nose is going to be very blocky). what is your goal as far as polygon count?
  • Jakub
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    Jakub greentooth
    I'll be using head that was subdivided once as my low poly(10k polys).

    With the rest, I'll try to fit in around 30k, still gotta figure out how hair planes work.

    Substance for texturing and baking, marmoset for render.

    Thanks for the info about topology, I'll make necessary changes :) I followed Chung Kan'stutorial about face topo.
  • Dudestein
    I would go back to MD and work on the jacket some more. It's currently difficult to tell what material it's made of. All the small folds on the sleeves are telling me it's made of something very thin, but the length and style of the jacket tell me it's meant to keep the wearer warm and dry, which suggests a thicker material. These are things you need to bear in mind with form, even before you start working on textures and shaders.

    And as a side note pertaining to the use of MD. If you don't feel confident that you could sculpt something like the jacket and pants, and make it look reasonably realistic, then you should reconsider using MD until you've gained that skill. Learn about the different types of folds (pipe, spiral, zigzag, halflock, etc) and how to sculpt them. I only mention it because you said you're coming off of watching tutorials and you're still new to actual application of all you've learned. I know it's tempting to use MD to get a result, because it's fast and because sculpting cloth manually is hard and takes time. But trust me, in a production environment you almost never use the MD sim mesh as it is. You almost always need to make adjustments and manually sculpt certain areas to match a concept more closely than the sim could pull off, and your sculpt work will have to look natural next to the areas from MD that you keep.
  • mitchmccollum
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    mitchmccollum polycounter lvl 3
    I would look at your ear it just feels off... I would also look at your wrinkles they look to much like random materials. Also I would look at your knapsack strap it feels the pull string that holds it together is not attached properly.
  • Jakub
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    Jakub greentooth
    hey dustingbrown :)

    Thanks for your input!

    As for the jacket, the material is a the windbreaker, I do own one like that(living in Ireland, rain and wind is one of the things that I have to live with :P ).

    I do know that you're right about using MD as a start in learning about clothing, but I couldn't really find any good resource to study sculpting the cloth. There is numerous videos on YT, but they don't cover folds, the way you described them. I spent last year going through anatomy, now I plan on spending as much time on clothing and props.

    On another note, if I can get some projects(work) whilst using MD(as a base mesh) and build up professional experience that helps me a lot.
  • Jakub
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    Jakub greentooth

    Wrinkles are just the base created by simulation, I am refining them right now.
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