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Hi all!

Me and two friends have been working on a retro-styled sports game for a while now. I do all the visuals. Code and music/sound is done by my two friends. We call it Super Sportmatchen. It's a bit of a Swedish/English crossover naming thing :P Anyways, it looks like this:


The idea is to update this thread as we progress in the development. I will put screenshots, wip art and gif's here. As well as tell more about what goes on in the world of Super Sportmatchen ofc.

Title screen looks like this:

The game itself is simple and quick multi-sporting game. Like Konami's Track & Field games. But sports in Sportmatchen is usually not found in real life. The game play varies among the sports from fast mashing to precision and timing etc. We want to cover a wide spectrum of game types =)

Character select screen can be seen here. We have four characters in atm and three sports. We're aming at maybe ten sports or so. Maybe we add more characters as well we'll see.

This is what it looks like when you start the game :P

And to conclude for this time, here's some of Lembit's animations!


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