Poor-mans Ethan Carter Environment[Bitsquid]

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Hello! Wow, long time no see! This is the first post I've made here in like 4 years. Still been lurking around though. :)

This weekend I started a little project that has been brewing inside my head for a while now, ever since I played The Vanishing of Ethan Carter with its gorgeous environments.

Autodesk has this nifty little app for Iphone and Android called 123D Catch, it allows you to take pictures of objects to capture them in 3D, using only your phone.
So what I wanted to do was to create a scene similar to what you might find in Ethan Carter, using only assets captured with my Iphone 5S and the 123D Catch App!

Using the raw data I will crunch and bake it down to ingame ready meshes and try to create as realistic a scene as possible within the Autodesk Bitsquid engine(the engine I work with at Fatshark)

The long term goal is to keep the scene very optimized and get it running on some kind of mobile device(Iphone/Ipad) :)

I was out all last sunday testing and capturing as many interesting objects as possible and have just started testing the first few out in-engine. So this first post will be the 3 assets I have ready so far along with pictures of the original!




A quick scene with these three objects and some crude lighting:

Here are some screens of some more raw highpoly assets straight out of 123D Catch, remember that this is all done using only an Iphone and no extra equipment at all :)


Enjoy! :)


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