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My current project hopefully i won't abandon again.

I'm a big fan of Telltale's The Walking Dead, and decided to do a fan art of Clementine. I'm doing a much older Clem, in her 20s, in realistic style, kinda like The Last of Us, but without those crazy detail since i'm working on a low-spec laptop.

Decided to make a thread about this, because i would love to get more constructive criticism about my model so i could learn some things from you guys.

Here's the base model, haven't worked so much on her body, because i'm still trying to nail her likeness.
I know it's looks kinda bad, still working on it. Some advice is greatly appreaciated, because i'm not really good at anatomy (never do a proper practice before).

And here's her face in close up
Looking back at my references (i always forgot to look at my ref :poly117:), i think this could be better. Will do a proper comparison shot later, so you guys could see better on what went wrong on my model.

And here's what i got so far
Kinda hard to find a better references for the clothes, still trying to make the fold look natural. Things to add is shoes, shirt, gloves, bag, and probably her hat.

Will put my ref sheet later, for a better comparison.
Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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