The Monthly 'Newb' CHARACTER Challenge of Feb 2014

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Thanks everyone who participates. Now it's the 2nd month of the Monthly Community Newbie Character Challenge. I start this a tad early because it will take awhile for everyone to notice/join in.

Anyone and Everyone can participate.
We will start a new voting thread one week prior to the beginning of a new challenge where participants can decide on the next concept to work from.

The goal of these challenges is to learn as much as possible, and to help others to do the same. The rules were designed with this goal in mind, so here they are:
1. Leave at least one critique per post.

2. Challenge yourself.

3. Your final presentation should be posed and rendered in real-time.

4. Try your best to finish on time.

5. Post your work-in-progress in this thread.

6. Specify your own triangle count and texture size. Be reasonable and stick to your budget. Some suggestions:
Mobile: 2k Triangles, 512 Maps
Mid Res: 16k Triangles, 1024 Maps
High Res: 32k Triangles, 2048 Maps

7. Learn as much as you can. Share what you've learned.
This month we are going with the concept art by Konstantin Maystrenko,

Let us begin.


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