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Hi everyone,

I thought I’d start a thread for a project I’ve recently started. The environment is based on a couple of pieces of concept art by RAZOR B. I’ve seen a few people tackle these environments but hopefully I can push some of my own personal touches into the mix. Unfortunatly I’m not able to work on it constantly as work work takes priority but I try to work on it during my lunch hour and a little bit at home when I get chance. I'll try to keep the thread as up to date as possible.

Goals of the project:

- Improve at asset creation and texture work in general (Unfortunatly Eutechnyx is a very outsource heavy studio so I don’t get to work on assets as much as I’d like)

- Tackle a style I’ve never tried before (As common as Sci-Fi stuff is here on polycount, I’ve never created anything Sci-Fi before ^_^)

- Post on polycount more

- Take on feedback and suggestions earlier rather than waiting till I’m 90% finished

- Further improve on my CryEngine knowledge

As always feedback and crit is welcome and thank you for your time

Current Progress:


Concept Art By RAZOR B



High Poly Models




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