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[portfolio] Alec Moody, Environment Artist/Photographer

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AlecMoody ngon master

I just finished my degree in photography and I am getting back into the game industry. Right now I am applying for jobs doing environment art. I specialize in lighting, materials, and mechanical modeling. Looking for feedback about how well that comes across. I am in the process of building new game work since most of my work is for older tech and/or is on a company server I can't get to.


  • EbolaV
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    EbolaV keyframe
    Your work looks nice, especially your Dark Sector artwork and the cars. I had my problems to navigate trough your site, until i get it with the dots on the upper right. I like it easier with arrows "next" or "back" and easy to see :)
  • jaball
    Hey alec!

    You got some great work on your site and a decent resume going already! I would end there, but you asked for feedback, so here goes:

    The site in general is pretty straight forward to navigate, but I always like seeing the work right away. It seems like your site is more of an online home away from home than a portfolio, what im saying is that you have work from photography and game art, it makes you seem a little un-focused. Also what is the "looming thicket" section? I didnt quite understand it.

    Your actual 3d work is looking good but I would like to see some break downs of the models. Texture sheets, wires, for example. The first picture you show is the porsche and I thought I was looking at a photo instead of a piece of game art. which means it looks that good. Maybe show some wires of the car instead of closeups of the front end.

    The track is pretty sharp but it looks a little empty beyond that, add some of those sweet enviro pieces you have in your folio already to fill that in.

    You already have your foot in the door but I guess as an employer I would like to see a little more focus on the game art rather than the photography. By the way dark sector was a pretty game, I enjoyed it! :)

    Good luck on the job hunt!
  • AlecMoody
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    AlecMoody ngon master
    I originally built this site as a photography portfolio and I am using image swaps to change content on each page. This works well for showing photographs but makes descriptions and supplemental images difficult to insert. I am considering moving to a very simple horizontal scroll format for my portfolio instead. I know several photographers who use that system and its very clean and easy to navigate (especially for mobile devices).
  • System
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    System admin
    The site lacks personal association and direction, make it clear this is your portfolio by including your name in a banner that shows the specific job you are aiming for. For me, people that don't specialise in one thing tend not to be taken as seriously - that's honesty.

    As EbolaV mentioned, the navigation is not easy for people who quickly want to view your work. Replacing the dots with navigation arrows (under the images) plus simply clicking on the image to advance would be much more user friendly.

    The weapons and the Alliance mod work stand out as the best, I would put those up first. You have some other game on there, presume you didn't make everything in that scene? It would be nice to have some text explaining what you made, maybe seperate shots of objects including specs like polycount and texture sizes too.
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