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Hello everyone!

I've been planing on modeling a next-gen environment for a long time, but never had the patience to start learning lowpoly modeling until now. I have quite a lot experience with highpoly modeling with Zbrush and 3ds max. I recently downloaded unreal engine 2 runtime, and there are many things that are unclear to me, so I'd really like to get some answers.

Does unreal engine 2 runtime demo have all the latest next-gen technology, that has been used in Gears Of War or is it outdated?


  • Jesse Moody
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    Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 15
    unreal engine 2 doesn't support normal maps... You will need unreal 3.

    Pick up a copy of gears of wars for windows.
  • Ville Pakarinen
    This is propably a very dumb question, but is the map editor that comes with GOW only for modding GOW, or can I make totally independent games with it that are very different compared to GOW? For example can I change the player view from third person to first person? Did Epic Games use this editor for Unreal Tournament too, or just for GOW?

    I'm asking this because this video gives me the impression that most of the tools are tuned for modding GOW. I don't want to modify GOW, I want to make a first person shooter.
  • Ott
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    Ott polycounter lvl 13
    The GoW editor doesn't allow for custom gametypes / characters as far as I know (?)

    I'm pretty sure the release version of of UT2007 (which is also available right now on PC) allows you to do both. By default it works with FPS, but if you know enough about custom classes and scripting you can use it to do whatever the hell you want.
  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 18
    I would get unreal tournament 2007 collectors edition for the tutorials worth the 59 bucks. That's what I did. The tutorials are really good. It's mostly for the mapping part of it. For low poly modeling you can go to

    poops site www.poopinmymouth.com

    and this should help as well.

  • Ville Pakarinen
    Thanks Sage for the great links!

    [ QUOTE ]
    The GoW editor doesn't allow for custom gametypes / characters as far as I know (?)

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Is that so? I would really want to make my own characters and stuff. So unreal tournament and GOW comes with different editors or what? Or is it just one same editor, that they used for both games? I don't want to buy GOW, if it has an editor only for modding GOW!

    Damn I'm confused ooo.gif
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