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since no one seems to know how to make thumbnails and then complaign about the formatting of the boards messing up with large images i figured i'd show you how to make thumbnails. this way bearkub or r13 don't have to use the crappy levelshot hack.

1) get you image. for purposes of this tut i will be using the full image of my avatar.

2)open your paint program. (i'm using photoshop)

3)open your image.

4)go up to 'Image':

5)go to 'Image Size'

6)click on constain proportions and change 'pixels' to 'percent'. set the percentage to something like 25%:

7)press 'OK'

8)when posting use the following:
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>your-thumbnail-image.jpg</pre><hr />

there easy to do and it takes less than a minute to make a thumbnail and makes the boards cleaner smile.gif as artists ALL of you should know how to make thumbnails and use them anyway. shame on you all tongue.gif


and yes i know my images have crappy compression. it helps when uploading on a shared 48k connection tongue.gif


  • snemmy
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    snemmy polycounter lvl 15
  • Rick Stirling
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    Rick Stirling polycounter lvl 14
    Or make an action.....
  • Neo_God
    wow, I thought you were actaully doing a tutorial on making small sketches before you actaully start your main projects.

    Though onto the topic, I suppose I never really thought of using that. I guess it just seemed to be a hassle to upload a thumbnail of the picture I'm using aswell as the picture.
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 16
    Heh, I came in to this thread thinking it was for thumbnails for sketches. Haha. Yah, good job on the mini tut though.
  • Michael Knubben
    Actually, i find it looks better as 33% wink.gif
  • jzero
    You can do this even faster by taking your original image, and setting the Crop Tool to, say, 80x80 pixels in the Options Bar. Then you just drag the Crop tool anywhere around your image, whether the whole or part of it, and the proportions will stick to whatever you st it to. Hit Enter and you have your thumbnail image. Be sure and save it as a separate file from your original!

  • Mojo2k
    hmmm i'll never make thumbnails, i am too lazy and don't think it matters much since i pimp once a year, so if anyone see's a pimp by me and you have something against non thumbnail posts, then just don't click. personaly i don't like thumbs, jsut another step to go thru, when making pimps and reading others
  • KDR_11k
    I don't think he's talking about standard pimp threads here, more like those "show your desktop" thingies where you can expect a whole lot of pics per page.
  • Asherr
    yes for really large images, both in size and dimensions.

    YAY! i got stickied! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
  • Jes
    I always make thumbnails for when I post my pics, especially when it's the desktop threads. xD
  • Ribking
    In the old boards, I remeber using a UBB tag called "screenshot" I believe. It automatically made your image into a thumbnail hyperlink to the regular sized image. Does that work on these boards? Has anyone tried it yet? I think I'll give it a shot....

    couldn't get it to work...oh well.
  • Asherr
    that was lvlshot and no it doenst work. it was a board hack and it didnt creat thumbnails it just reduced the image to certain dimensions. if you had a 500k image it was still 500k to load the smaller image.

    good thumbanils let people see the image without having to wait for 500k to download smile.gif
  • AfroLeft
    Or you can just make a really big image then use that for the thumbnail - only in the html make it's size smaller. So then you have to download the full image even if you don't want to..
    ..and then be hated by everyone.
  • Wrath
    Wait wait wait a damn minute...you can RESIZE an image after it's done? I've been starting a new image every time! SON OF A!!!
  • peanut™
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    peanut™ polycounter lvl 13
    hahahaha poor me, i thought it was impossible to size an image without constraning its proportion before today. And i 've been using photoshop since 1998 or close !

  • Betlog
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    Betlog polycounter lvl 14
    *Betlog slaps everybody with a large thumbnail.
  • Asherr
    i slaved and slaved over this tutorial and i still can't view threads like "What are you working on?" without having to refresh every 5minutes for half an hour because of the huge and many images tongue.gif

    i don't even let half the pimp threads load anymore because no takes a few seconds to creat a half decent thumbnail. i only finished loading b1ll's thread to see Harry Potter wink.gif

    also (i don't know if it's an issue with these new boards) thumbnails will keep the size of a thread down by keeping the multiple 100kb+ images off the boards and on their hosted sites. if i remember correctly the Spinning Quad thread was quite a large load (30mb?) on the old boards causing them to slow down and cripple all of them.
  • KDR_11k
    The images loaded from other servers don't impact the board server because the loading is clientside, the board tells the client to grab that image and the client does.

    BTW, why would you want thumnbnails in single model pimpthreads? When there are only two or three images that you want to see anyway?
  • Asherr
    most people don't seem to even consider image size anymore (actual dimensions or file size). there might only be 2-3 images but they are still 200+kb each. and that's only the initial pimp and not subsequent updates.

    i just went through b1ll's thread and there is around 2.3 megs of images plus another 150kb or so of "hey you model looks like this". i shudder to think how many megs each page of the "what are you working on?" thread are or the speedpaint threads.
  • LiveWire
    fear no large images from me or others on slow dial-up like me, for we know the woes of loading threads where posters seem to think there is nothing wrong with high-res, low compression jpegs!

    use the 'save for web' function people! and drop it to about 60% - it will reduce the file size to a minute amount and no-one will ever see the difference!
  • darkshadow
    lmao, dont crop ANYTHING! lol, just use imageshack for hosting, as they MAKE the thumbnails for you...........LOL
  • KDR_11k
    Lol. Look I'm giggling like a retard lol.
  • Raven
    I'm almost a little surprised to see a thread like this.
    Almost tongue.gif
  • (*)
    Believe me, it helped me smile.gif
  • Pxtl
    Heheh, I was thinking it was a tutorial on how to model fingernails/thumbnails.

    My solution: just upload the thing to Imageshack or any other hosting service - they'll make the bbcode for you.
  • Asherr
    a tutorial on modelling thumbnails?! poly105.gif

    but seriously this should be something that all artists should know and use (to some extent). think of it as knowing how to matte your own pictures for a piece of traditional artwork. or continue being lazy. wink.giftongue.gif do ImageShack or other sites like that let you specify the size of the thumbnail?


    currently the images for this tut aren't showing up because they were hosted on SNemmy's cottage and i'm not sure if he plans to move over to gamespy or whatnot.

    i have moved the images over to photobucket and MoP has edited my original post to include the new links. smile.gif
  • Michael Knubben
    Gravedigging alert!

    I just clicked on this again for old times sake, and i noticed you compressed the shit out of those pictures. You've heard of gif, right? Or perhaps better yet (sometimes), png?
    You have something like 5 colours in that picture, if we're to ignore the gradient of the titlebar and aa on the red brush-strokes.

    I just really wanted to reply to tell people *not to listen to Jzero though, i hate that, heh. These absolutely nondescript artsy thumbnails can be quite a drag after a while.
  • Asherr
    3 months later.... wink.gif

    1) get you image.

    2)open your paint program. (i'm using photoshop)

    3)open your image.

    4)go up to 'Image':

    5)go to 'Image Size'

    6)click on constain proportions and change 'pixels' to 'percent'. set the percentage to something like 25%:

    change to:

    7)press 'OK'.

    8)when posting use the following:
    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>your-thumbnail-image.jpg</pre><hr />

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