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Hey everyone! I'm seeking to enhance my ArtStation portfolio and would appreciate your input. Could you please take a look and provide your thoughts? I'm open to constructive criticism and advice on how to make it more professional and appealing. If you believe something should be removed to maintain quality, I'd love to hear it!


Thanks so much in advance!


  • ThisisVictoriaZ
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    ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
    Hi! If you're aiming to be an environment and/or prop artist I would start off with having more examples of that type of work on your portfolio. At the moment you only have one environment, and its not very well lit (too dark) so its really hard to see the work you put into it. I really like the guillotine prop, I think its really cool and unique idea, although the grunge pattern on the flags is way too heavy and looks just slapped on there.
    I think it would be a good idea to spent a bunch of time making a high quality hero prop following industry standard pipelines, and maybe had a small environment or diorama built around it in the same quality. That would also give you an opportunity to show some breakdowns of different elements of the scene, such and prop uvs and materials, so people can see more of your process, I like this as a guide for showing off props and environments image
    courtesy of https://www.artstation.com/curlscurly
  • CarlosGPagan
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    CarlosGPagan triangle
    Thank you very much for your advice, without a doubt I will apply it in my next project, I will also write down all the feedback regarding those already published, it is never too late to make improvements and thank you very much again!
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis grand marshal polycounter
    On top of what Vic mentioned, in the dark enviro, there seems to be a lot of black assets. Make sure your texturing typically falls between values of .3 to .7, it'll make it easier to light.
  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter
    Good points already made :+1: I think the tiling materials presented don't quite hit the mark. The maps look somewhat stretched/distorted and have some parts with ghosting and blurriness.
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