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The Mobius Machine - A new project from Madruga Works

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Hello Everyone,

We are finally ready to announce our next project: The Mobius Machine.

We've been working on this project full time for about two years now, and are finally at a point were we can share the news!

The Mobius Machine is a classic 2D adventure game, but with 3D graphics.
The game features exploration and combat in equal measure, you crashland on alien planet and have to explore it and fight your way through it to escape.

This is our shot at the Action/Adventure/Metroidvania genre, but with a few twists:

You can move/jump around freely while shooting in any direction. We've worked really hard to make this nice to play on both Gamepad and Mouse + Keyboard.
We've created a large interconnected 3D word (with 2D movement), that you you can explore freely without any loading screens.
The game mechanics change quite a bit during the experience, you start being able to just run/jump/fire, and then you progressively gain more mobility when you discover new gear.

We are aiming to release on March 1st 2024, there will be a public beta at some point.

We will be posting regular updates on Twitter, on the community section on Steam and also on this thread.

Check out the Alpha Gameplay Teaser (everything in this trailer is Work In Progress).



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