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Frommer Stop pistol [critique required]

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So, I've finally completed this project. I wanted to make something easy to model and paint and to have a deep dive into rendering and lighting as it was my weakest point. I also wanted to get off my habits of an artstyle of a game I was working for several years (guns too). Even though modeling went fast, the texturing part really got me somehow crazy (and I didn't expect it all). Without restrictions I really stuck into overdetailing, got no final picture in my head, it took too long to finish and so on. And as a result, even as it looks nice to me, I still dont quite like it.

I'd like to hear any feedback and critique. I've got another gun in texturing phase, and I dont want to stuck in it again. (maybe good idea to start a WIP thread for it, tho).

Hi-res and more can be found on arstation page here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zDr3n6

Also an albedo/roughness/metallic shots. Albedo authored through ACES.


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