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Post-Apocalyptic Knife - Blockout

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Phoenix995 interpolator

Hey Guys!

I found some time so start working on new Asset. This time I wanted to something more realistic again and started working on a Post-Apocalyptic Knife.

I Started out by finding some Tools that I felt like would work well in an Apocalyptic Setting. Stuff that could just lay around in an shed and get welded together to build a weapon.

So these are the Assets I ended up with, without knowing how I will combine them right now. Well of course I have some stuff in my mind, but nothing precise.

Next step was to just build these Assets so I can start combining them to build the knife.

Next Step was just assembling the knife. As you can see I used the Wrench as the back the handle. The 2nd wrench part I used just behind the blade, as a guard for the index finger. The chain links were used to attach the whole knife to a belt or a rope for example. And the Knife it self of course is in the front.

All that was missing at this stage was to add some duct tape to give the handle a more user friendly look. :D

And that's it for now, next step will be sculpting that piece, getting all the welding done etc!

Cheers guys!


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