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Hello, I'd really love some feedback on my portfolio. I've been learning 3D for almost 2 years first by myself then by taking classes at CGMA.

I'm wondering in which direction to take my portfolio, what kind of pieces to add, which to get rid of...etc... My ideal job would be modeling cute creatures and/or props for games/animated film. I'm a bit older (in my 30's) and have 10 years of freelance illustration experience + a couple of published children's books but I really really want to get out of that industry and into 3D, hopefully sooner than later.

Any advice appreciated! I'm in Chicago, IL and would like to stay here but am open to relocating to get a job.

Thanks for your time!



  • nexussim
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    nexussim triangle

    Some really cute projects there! My opinion is that, since you have projects with texturing/color, you should do so with all of them. The way it is, it makes the untextured projects look unfinished. Also, I feel the beaver project could use some improvement? I mean that in the nicest way possible; only that the face looks the lowest quality of all the projects to me personally. As for where to focus, I'd say focus on what you love the most and master it so that you show your best work possible. For example, I've mostly ignored character/creature work so that I can focus on improving environmental/hard surface instead of becoming distracted.

    Keep up the good work :) (and take EVERYTHING I say with a grain of salt. After all, no job yet.)

  • ypielet

    Thank you for the feedback! I wonder why the beaver gives off that vibe, maybe I need to rethink him!

  • jStins
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    jStins interpolator

    I think you have some nice work in your portfolio, but I would remove the rabbit and the lantern as they don't fit stylistically. I agree that you need more finished work. The magical cat and prop bag are both worth finishing imo. Don't be afraid to reference shading and texturing styles from existing games that appeal to you if the concept art is lacking that information.

    I agree the beaver is the weakest character at the moment. For me, the profile silhouette lacks the appeal of the front view. The concept art has a nice simplified elliptical / pear shape to it that I feel should carry over to the side view. The other problem with this piece is the rendering / texture style just feels incomplete, rather than a deliberate stylistic choice. This could be a place to pull in some other reference material to guide your texturing / shading process or try a cell shaded look to emulate the concept art more closely.

    You have a nice foundation here. Cull some of the weaker pieces and add one or two finished pieces and I think you'll be on good footing. Good luck!

  • ypielet

    Thank you, I will definitely follow this advice, so helpful to have other's input!

  • chien
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    chien polycounter lvl 11

    i like that your have different style in your artworks, would be nice if can show personality or backstory, keep it up

  • croklin

    I cant really say much but i want the magic cat textured!

    Also i think it will pump all

    Best of wishes!!!!

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage

    Put some color to the 2 untextured models remove the rabbit and you be in pretty good shape .Other then that you could work on your presentation and add some magical background to your pieces nothing complicated could be just some noise to break the even color

    Direction of your portfolio its your own but as you already have few characters and props you could either make a full character small diorama or environment piece re imagining existent character maybe a cartoon weapon if you in to such things that way you will have few things of everything giving you wider net for the job seeking Later you could specialized in what ever you like the most once you have tried everything

  • Bolovorix
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    Bolovorix greentooth

    The texture work is very nice, and, like most of the other comments, I think the magical cat explorer and the owl bag are definitely worth finishing. The other things I agree with are removing the lantern and the rabbit and it looks like whatever the beaver was has been removed at the time of me looking.

    Since your portfolio currently demonstrates strengths in texture painting and low-poly modeling (Although some elements on the chicken could be reduced even lower without losing the essence) I would say to find concepts from an artist who works on a hand painted game, such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends, and do a full character piece based on one of their concepts. It doesn't have to be from the actual game even, it can just help using a well known artist's concept to work from.

    If it's not a concept based on an established IP, however, it can be courteous to message the artist and ask if they mind the use of their work.

    Another thing is I would try to make sure that it falls within the rough poly-budget of a character from on of those games, and it would definitely help to have a more human character to demonstrate the ability to execute human faces and body-types well.

    Aside from that, I'd say keep doing what you're doing and you'll eventually get there. It took me about 5 years doing 3D before my first small studio job and then almost 2 years of completely reworking my portfolio in its entirety before I got a larger job in the industry, and you are way ahead of where I was with your experience.

    Hope this helps!

  • iam717
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    (IF) you wanted to keep the Rabbit:

    If you like the rabbit, I'd redo it as a learning process, like a stylized fur practice/attempt. I hate to remove work also, trust me on my old profile i kept everything in one post that I've ever done, even if i never finished it, it is time i can't get back, i know how it feels to just toss out months of work cause it "hurts the portfolio" it does make sense with good "1st" impressions and all that...

    As speaking of fur, there you go you got that magic cat you can also use a style fur process on and transfer that to the rabbit as the next thing to "update", especially if you make a brush out of the fur, if you wanted to keep the rabbit.


    I think it just needs some touch ups, like an alpha on the "glass" and add a flame effect inside or use the flipbook shader in the marmoset section and you can transform that project into a shiny updated piece. Maybe a darkening or grime on the handle bits to match the concept.

    Prop Bag:

    you can play with the "edge angles" more exaggerated in a more "silly" fashion 45's/90's angles are usually avoided with 3d "game" pieces.

    frankpolygon has some helpful stuff regarding those principles that can help everyone not just people making technical mechanical pieces, the "tricks, processes", can be used elsewhere.

    hope any of this helps you out, all the best out there in the realm.

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