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Trouble with finer details and dynamesh

I am trying to model a hard surface prop using the DYNAMESH workflow. Need help in figuring out how to go about modeling and then dynameshing the circular detail (the visible black circle which defines the separation between the metallic rings in the reference attached below).

I tried bevelling the edges between each circular ring, adding a segment in the middle and then bringing that segment back to make it look like there is a seperation but that doesn't work in ZBrush as it's too small and ZBrush fills up the gap while polishing. I could mask them but I don't think it will work very accurately.

I could model this detail in Maya entirely but that interferes with me polishing the other details to remove the faceting of the low poly in my high poly as you can see in the Zbrush output below. Polishing by feature makes the lines go very faint. I have also added the correct hard edges in Maya and grouped them as per UVS in ZBrush.

Images of my Zbrush output, Polygroups and hard edges


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