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Interaction with customers

Hello everyone and have a nice day!

I wanted to know how you discuss/show work with customers? How is the interaction going?

Do you protect your works with watermarks before payment or not? This topic is very interesting and how does anyone work, let's discuss it?


  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master

    I read somewhere that 70% of customers are shopping, 5% are genuine. 25% are hazardous and when they look at themselves in the mirror believe that everybody is as distasteful as the image looking back. These should be avoided, spat out and thrown back into the stream as soon as possible.

  • unreal_ir

    Thanks for the answer, it doesn't sound optimistic :)

    I am currently working on a platform that could help people of creative professions interact with the customer. That's why I wanted to find out how things are now in this area

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