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topology for subdivide

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andy939 polycounter lvl 4


I hope you will understand me

I'm trying to create a mouse model.

I made a model base, low poly

then I split the model into a segment, add thicknes, to create grooves between the segments

then i add support loop to get nice smooth grooves, and got some issue

and there was a problem, grooves is noot smooth as i expected.

only what I came up with, is the mesh affter add support loops it is not perfect aligin with top object after subdivide.

so i add som extra loop to make this mesh perfect aligin, but i do not know if is it good wey to do.

please help how to deal with this issue


  • andy939
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    andy939 polycounter lvl 4

    wow thank you so much for that explanation

  • littleclaude
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    littleclaude ngon master

    Very nice topology, I will pass this onto my work mate who loves a bit of even flow.

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