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Tileable Textures Question

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I'm currently in the process of finishing up my block out for another environment project I have in the works. I'm working on a modular kit to be able to produce multiple variants of Japanese houses for a mod and I'm stumped by one thing when it comes to tileable textures (I think).

Because the mod is focused on a feudal Japanese setting I've taken a lot of inspiration from artists who worked on Ghost of Tsushima, the art behind it is fantastic. I'm curious about the way you can produce this type of setup (I'm using Amy Payne as an example) to make the floors/walls look the way they do.

They appear to jut out and look believable. I've attempted the same thing before lining a plane with meshes that I sculpted over in ZBrush but when testing it out it still appears 'flat'... So either i'm just missing some important tricks with my Trimsheets or I just suck. Either way, trying to figure it out.

Maybe I'm overthinking it but either it's:

1.) a really good tileable texture: where they took rectangles and sculpted them inside ZBrush, flipped around the meshes and formed a seamless texture for baking inside substance or something?


2.) it's just a few very good texture, low poly meshes lined up together as a set and then repeated over and over. I notice some repeating but only because i'm looking for it.

I'm really trying to get this type of look/depth with the textures, as the current villages in the mod are lifeless and sterile texture wise, which isn't really fun or believable so I'm trying to fix that.

Would love some advice or tricks of the trade to help me understand how to make this possible. Appreciate anyone's time to comment, really means a lot.


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