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How do you sum up your years of experience?

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VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3

I started working as a 3D artist while I was already in university, but it was not consistent. I'd generally do a few months at a time for periods in which I needed more money, afterwards, I'd focus on studying.

How would you sum up the experience in years for this case? Just put the months worked together for professional experience? Do university projects made for real clients count as well? What about part-time work, how do you add that in the mix, just cut the time in half?

I see a lot of profile headlines or descriptions saying "Artist with x years of experience", so I was wondering if I should also write something similar and if I even have enough years to make it worth mentioning.


  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero interpolator

    Those are kind of just general guidelines to narrow down the kinds of people applying and what they expect. I'd just approximate it, personally.

    Realistically, different kinds of experience have different values, too so in the end; just apply if you think you could handle the role. It's okay to be sure of yourself in this respect. The worst thing to happen is you get passed over and you can try again in a few months. 😄

    I would avoid wording how much experience you have specifically outside of employment periods on your resume until you're more confident in how to estimate it, but otherwise? Be bold with your interpretations because other people will not let this consideration hold them back, and you lose every opportunity you don't take by default 🤙

  • VanessaCeline
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    VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 3

    Haha, I'm for sure not letting myself get intimidated by the "needed years of experience" on job listings. Was wondering if mentioning an overall number of years beforehand would help.

    Thank you for the answer and encouragements!

  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    If you haven't worked full time and made a living from it, you don't really have any experience and claiming you do would come off as at best naive and at worst delusional.

    It won't hurt to list it on your resume and portfolio (it'll help) and as said above, if you're confident you can do a job that demands 2 years experience you should absolutely still apply.

    Usually if a posting says 3 years experience it implies they want someone who's shipped a title, released content in a liveservice model title or done whatever they do on Star citizen. What they want is someone who has already experienced the various production stages needed to ship content and doesn't need their hand holding for several months

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