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German general

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I signed up for CGMA realistic character course with Peter Zoppi, as part of my Level Up programme at nDreams Ltd. where I currently work as character artist. 
I have decided to make this separate thread to have some record of the process, because really, you have to fall in love with the process more than with the outcome, take notes  :p;)B)

My choice for the course is a german WW1 general/field marshal based on August von Mackensen, with other references in more HD quality such as Christopher Plummer from 'The Exception' movie, who played Wilhelm II Keiser .. - awesome resource

THIS IS NOT A LIKENESS! More of realistic take for film and cinematics

And here it comes, week 1 - blockout...  it starts with the sphere in zbrush then Marvelous Designer, then bit of Maya.. aaaaand.. to be continued..


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