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Mirrored object baking error

Hello everyone!

I have weird artifacts when baking in Marmo mirrored object, especially around seam. Did anyone have similar problem and maybe could help?
Meshes were made in blender. My HP doesn't have UV mapping and double geometry or hidden faces, my LP have standard Mirror modifier
Blender v 2.93.6
Marmoset 4.0.2

baking preview:

LP mesh (i have sharp edges on seams):

HP mesh:


  • L00KI
    Okay, I think I have resolved that problem. I just followed this tutorial and it worked. I will leave this topic, maybe it will be usefull for someone :)

  • EarthQuake
    Yeah, there are a few things you can try:

    1. Make sure the entire mesh is there, if it's only half of the mesh you'll get seams as shown in the video
    2. Offset the mirrored UVs one unit outside of the 0-1 space
    3. Alternatively, you can try enabling Fix Mirrored Tangents in the bake object - with this option on you shouldn't need to offset the UVs
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