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[WIP] [UE4] Medieval Town

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Hello everyone! 

I have started working on this medieval town game environment scene to experiment and learn new things to feed my knowledge and portfolio and I will try to use as many technical skills and different workflows as possible in this project.

I had chosen this concept artwork to be the main scene reference because it gives me the ability to experiment with a lot of new different things and I see that it's perfect for the game environment project that I want to have in my portfolio
I will work on this project on my free time which is very tight and I'm expecting it to take too long to be finished but I will divide it to small tasks and goals and I will be satisfied with achieving those smaller goals.

I wanted to share the progress with you and I would love to read your feedback and thank you so much for taking the time reading this :smile:

Why I would start this project?
In my previous couple of years, I was fully dedicating myself to know how to be an effective team member and how to do the work as the client/lead expected. so my main goal of the previous couple of years was filling my gaps which were understanding the client's needs, feedback, and meeting the deadline with the expected memory budget, targeted storytelling, and design language. 
But I eventually found that my portfolio has old projects and which are mostly hard-surface projects so I have to show my other skills and learn new technics and workflows and apply them on this project which I hope will represent a lot.

Artwork by Hyunsu Cha


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