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Zbrush Wood Surface Damage Help

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NURBS polycounter lvl 2
I'm trying to sculpt some damage into this gun stock but I can't figure out how to get the same look that's in my references. All the tutorials I find online are for either stylized wood or wooden planks with lots of grain and rough, splintery fibers, which is not the look I'm going for. Can anyone help me out? Like, what sort of brushes do I use and how? Sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question, Zbrush is just so intimidating and I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it.

These are my main references.


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter
    First send the model over to your final render engine. Setup the materials and put a wood texture on it. This way you can evaluate the final result, not clay. 

    Use your dam standard and/or clay brush and just make little indentions. If you need a hard stop you can make a mask to brush up against. Export the model, look at it in your render engine. Tweak as necessary. But don't spend too long looking under a microscope. Only evaluate from player perspective (i.e. first or third person). 

    It's not hard. It's simple. You'll see. If you have fear, you'll fall. Just go all in, guns blazing and everything will work out in your favor in the end. 

    (ps, I doubt many people would sculpt details like this. It's faster and more flexible to use materials. But its still good exercise anyway, especially if new to scultping)
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d sublime tool
    Not to come off as rude, but this can really be solved by messing around with various brushes and trying things out, much faster than posting and waiting around for an answer. Experiment.

    Try out the trim brushes (dynamic, border, peaks, etc).  Flatten/planar may also give similar results to your reference.
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