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What software should i use to render things like this ?

Hey everyone !

Im currently working on a big school project and i came across this 3D model with crazy reflections, iridescent texture, IOR and thin film effects. I've been googling for a few days already, trying to know more about all the 3D related stuff, but i'm still quite not sure what software i should use to get a result as close as this one. I've also read things about some kind of third party rendering engine like Arnold or 3DELIGHT for example, i'm kinda lost haha

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated ! Thank you :D


  • sprunghunt
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    sprunghunt interpolator
    Arnold would be able to do this. Arnold isn't a third party rendering engine anymore - it's the default maya one. You could also use mentalray, renderman, or vray. 
  • birb
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    birb interpolator
    Please note this glass seems to have a high amount of dispersion going on.

    I can't tell how easily you can recreate this and iridescence in Arnold as it's outside my area of expertise but I can say it can also be done in Blender while IOR is already standard in their principled and glass shaders.

    Any modern ray traced engine minimally geared towards VFX is likely a safe bet for you.
  • pior
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    pior godlike master sticky

    You're only assuming that this is the way the render came out. The iridescent effect (in that specific picture) could very well have been achieved in post.

    Of course, if your project requires that the renders comes out just like that (no post effects, and consistent accross multiple renders) then yeah you need to find a renderer able to spit that out. But if your project only consists of producing a single picture (just like that poster) then you might be wasting your time as it could be achieved using simple photo manipulation. And at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if the Apple poster itself was achieved one way or another - what really matters is what *you* are trying to do, and under which conditions.

  • hayakii
    Awesome, i indeed want to make it consistent accross multiple renders since i'm willing to animate a camera arround the subject.
    Thank you guys for your answers! Back to work i guess ^-^
  • Prime8
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    Prime8 interpolator
    Since there are no caustics you can basically choose which ever renderer you are comfortable with. Even if the renderer doesn't support iridescence, thin-film or dispersion natively, this are effects which can be quite easily faked. 
    Compositing can get you a long way as well.
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