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Arena project in Unreal

polycounter lvl 9
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VelvetElvis polycounter lvl 9
I'm working on getting an arena into Unreal and I'm wondering what the best way to import something like this is. I'm using Datasmith + dataprep to help automate the mundane tasks. My question is, is it better to import the whole arena as one file or split it up by level (event, lower, mid, upper, roof)? 

I'm leaning towards splitting it up by level as it feels like it would be easier to run dataprep on smaller slices of geometry and when there are changes, I would only need to reimport the affected level and not the entire arena every time.

When this is in Unreal, for something such as the seats. Is it better to leave them as all single instances or merge them together by level or section? All totaled, this arena will be 10,000 or so seats. Most of this bowl is built with RailClone in Max, so it is easy to export out instances of the geometry.

Any advice is appreciated.

What I'm starting with in Max.


  • Vollgaser
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    Vollgaser polycounter lvl 4
    I do level design for many years in unreal and recommend you to break down that whole to a few unique pieces as copies of such static meshes cost nothing in unreal. e.g. one of those standardised seats also u might use LODs for the further away stuf
    f like clusters of seats.that whole statdium should requinre not more than 50 static meshes and the performance will be fine in unreal if you do as i describe.
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