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I'm looking for my first job as a junior 3D artist. It seems like my portfolio isn't ready yet but I'm sure what the biggest issues are.
I'd like to get some feedback on what I should change in it.

Thank you!


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis veteran polycounter
    These 3 projects are hurting your portfolio, I suggest getting rid of them. I'm on the fence about whether you should keep the poker table or not, which probably means it should go. The viking pack is really cool, I think that should be first. A lot of your assets have really sharp corners, I would suggest in the future making your bevels a little bigger. You're definitely on the right path, just keep pushing your art to be as good as possible. Don't be afraid to use a few more geo here and there for portfolio work. Keep it up!!

  • Halinadon
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