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[WIP] Return of The Crown. Myrth

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vitaliyrostovcev triangle
Do not work without concept or sketches ! The biggest mistake that ive done in a second time. And second time i've lost my time. But improvisation its very fun.
Model was made in Zbrush, with a mouse and a lot of "Lazy mouse". Time to buy a tablet (can someone give some advice what would be a good start ?), i think its gonna be much more interesting and more confortably.
Myrth dont have a mouth and this bandage on his face is some kind of his way to cast the spells. The spellbook and his weapon (Really dark thing) will remained behind the scenes for a while. To messy in some places, but its my first character and first solid experience in digital sculpting. Big plans on this guy with a whole pipeline. But unfotiently i dont have enought much time to finish it in one breath because of loosing my job and seeking for a new one.
Anyway... hope you will like it and ill be glad if you share your feedback with me !


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