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Critique this character as if it was made by the very best. What would not be "on par". (NSFW)

Imagine this character is part of the most AAA anticipated, name-dropped, project you can imagine. Then you see it. What is "wrong with this picture"
Please critique my work, I will use your feedback (maybe venting & ranting) to improve.

I will reply and validate every piece of feedback with acknowledgment and/or further questions.

The character is a real time project. All images are taken from Unreal Engine.
The concept is a warworn character, her design is inspired in the ancient Mesoamerican epoch. All she is wearing is meant to be from human bodies, the rags are human skin, the accessories human bone, and the loincloth human hair.
The face takes inspiration from classic Greek busts that have quite a straight nose.

(NSFW warning)

Thanks a lot!


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    Subsurface is too strong; it's obscuring the medium to small details of your sculpt.

    Do you have a more even studio lighting set up of your character?  Hard to analyze the hair and fur elements.

    What's with the redder, darker skin of the body?
  • dMartinezMoreno
    Thanks Brian! 
    I will play with the Subsurface and see if the details of the sculpt are brought back. Given your correct observation of a lack of detail, I suspect another reason could be that my sculpt is not detailed enough. Will try your solution first.

    The redder darker skin is supposed to be a "skin graft". There are scars surrounding those regions. Will try to improve the readability of this concept. Thanks!

    It's a good idea to add some even lighting screenshots, Here are some screenshots with flatter lighting:

    Thanks again Brian.
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    Yea, more even, 3 point studio lighting would help with WIP presentation,
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