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Bleed from Displacement Maps on Trim Sheets

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Dirty Frank polycounter lvl 8
Hi - im having some issues getting displacement working correctly in UE4. I has a trim sheet texture im using for floor materials - concrete, tiles, bricks etc. Im attempting to set up displacement using a heightmap to the various bricks and tiles, however when the displacement occurs you can see bleed from the surrounding materials on the sheet creeping in.

Ive not really messed with displacement before, so am wondering if im going about this all wrong and if i should even be using displacement of a trim sheet. Any ideas?



  • sprunghunt
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    sprunghunt interpolator
    Displacement is generally not very useful for most things. It costs a lot to have tesselated geometry so you normally can get the same effect by just having a higher resolution mesh. 

    I also would not tesselate a mesh with a trim sheet. Trim sheets usually create a lot of texture seams and tesselation does not handle seams very well. 

    But if you posted some pictures you might get better help. 
  • toxicsludge77
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    toxicsludge77 polycounter lvl 5
    Agree with sprunghunt, maybe you should look into parallax occlusion mapping? It might give you the results you need.
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