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Sketchbook: Leon Dreiling

Hey there! I'm a gamedesign student learning the basics of modelling and texturing so i can hopefully make some cool game environments in the future :)


  • deepseacreature
    Dumping WIP Projects in here to get started.
    Followed a Steampunk Gun Tutorial by Thuan Duong to learn about the gameasset workflow in blender. I started modelling a shrine to practice. So far i'm almost done with the lowpoly with creased edges to get the model into ZBrush. I want to bring some variety to the wood grid before i start sculpting. Some Storytelling is planned with a little molded Hand sticking out that has some moss over it.
    I also want to add some moss on top and move some rooftile verticies around to make the silouhette seem more natural.
    For the lookdev i modified a Texture from Substance Share.

    Feedback is appreciated :)

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