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Sketchbook: Leon Dreiling

Hey there! I'm a gamedesign student learning the basics of modelling and texturing so i can hopefully make some cool game environments in the future :)


  • deepseacreature
    Dumping WIP Projects in here to get started.
    Followed a Steampunk Gun Tutorial by Thuan Duong to learn about the gameasset workflow in blender. I started modelling a shrine to practice. So far i'm almost done with the lowpoly with creased edges to get the model into ZBrush. I want to bring some variety to the wood grid before i start sculpting. Some Storytelling is planned with a little molded Hand sticking out that has some moss over it.
    I also want to add some moss on top and move some rooftile verticies around to make the silouhette seem more natural.
    For the lookdev i modified a Texture from Substance Share.

    Feedback is appreciated :)

  • deepseacreature
    Progress on the Shrine Model. Tried a bit more color because i tend to always go for unsaturated greyish colors. Some parts are missing. i'll try to wrap this one up in the next few days. Also i'm learning Zbrush. ...Most of the sculpted parts aren't visible because of how small the details are and other things. Next time i'll know better :)
  • deepseacreature
  • deepseacreature

    I'm making a UE4 Scene about a huge object that was abandoned somewhere. This will be the focus object. (Metalness is wrong on the pictures) . I'm having fun experimenting. =)  Details don't really match the object size(15meters) If i try to match the fidelity of an object that size this project will never get finished or at least i don't know how to acchieve the level of detail right now. And there are more assets to be made
  • Eric Chadwick
    Looking great so far!

    The moss geometry looks very detailed compared to the rest of the model, you could probably go with half the resolution on those.

    Do you have a mood board or overall plan for the environment?
  • deepseacreature
    Thank you Eric :) So far i have a pinterest board and silouhette sketches/photobash for the main object. I haven't decided yet what i want to show in the scene but i have a general idea.  I'll do some Environment sketches to get the rough idea out and post updates here. After that i'll probably block out the scene in UE4, do a basic lighting setup and work from there. I don't have much experience with complete scenes so this project will take some trial and error.

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